Research Teams

Create your own team or join an existing research team to exchange information on specific heath care conditions with other health care colleagues. Setting up a research team in Linkcare is free and can be accomplished if three simple steps: Join the Linkcare's shared knowledge platform and create your own research team around a specific health condition (a set of diagnoses and case profile settings), and then invite other health care professionals to join the team. Your team can be a closed one (by invitation only) or can be open to other professional joint requests. Of course, you can also request to join an existing open team.

A Linkcare research team allows participating health care professionals to share their patients clinical data without disclosing their personal information. Research teams can also share their preferred care protocols and compare the effectiveness to assess the best practices. Teams can also provide reference advice support by case or protocol discussions.

Team managers may consider to submit their team research to third party sponsors willing to provide financial support to the project. Sponsorship may come either from pharmaceutical, sport or food industry leaders willing to improve their knowledge on disease, diagnose or treatment effectiveness, or from patient-promoted crowd funding projects.

The clinical data bank created from research teams activity can then be processed by third party data analysis companies. The knowledge originated by research teams can also be distributed within the Linkcare community as "knowledge as a service" (KaaS) clinical decision support plug-ins.