Integrated Practice Units

With Linkcare you will be able to design, share and adopt integrated care protocols that allow primary care practitioners, specialists and caregivers to collaborate around patient centric programs. Linkcare provides a predefined library of standard forms and activities to create integrated care plans for a choice of programs. The library includes Hospital Managed programs such as Hospital at Home, Early Discharge, Rehabilitation and Fragility. Primary Care Managed programs include Chronicity, Multi morbidity, Wellness and Preventive Care, Palliative Care and Reproduction.

Each program may include different protocols to address specific case profiles. A typical protocol has a predefined enrolment procedure to establish the patient's basic profile, a set of admission activities and a program of tasks to be performed under a predefined plan. Finally, some activities are set to be accomplished at program discharge or rejection.

Typical protocol's tasks are: Outpatient or home visits, remote follow ups (phone or videoconference), patient self administered activities (medical device measurements and follow up forms), internal medical assessments and group educational activities.

Linkcare tasks are managed by the patient's Case Manager and can be assigned to different role professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers, Pharmacists, Wellness Professionals,...) being part of one or more Health Care Service providers (Hospitals, Residences, Primary Care practices, Subcontracted Providers,....)

Predefined protocols can be customized by Case Managers to adapt to each patient health profile by adding or modifying existing tasks.