Beijing Collaborative Community Care (BC3)

The objective of BC3 is to design a new clinical protocol using Linkcare's platform to deploy a community collaborative care model, and run the clinical validation to verify the medical and economic effectiveness of the new model. The novelty of this business model is not based on the charge for the use of the software; it is based on the fee charged for accessing to the clinical knowledge and the ability that the platform brings for various actors to work in a coordinated way around it.

Protocols are based on a model of collaborative care, which is a new model of health and social care, and it will be deployed within selected districts. Involved roles are: a team manager (there is a team for each group of 4,800 beneficiaries), several social caregivers caring for a given number of members of the community (case managers), patients/citizens enrolled in the program, the circle of people close to the patient (neighbours, family, businesses where they usually shop, etc.) and the support of medical professionals from a primary care centre linked to a health reference centre

This project has received funding through the CHINEKA program of CDTI.