Our Company

Linkcare Health Services SL was founded on February 15, 2010, and is a spin-off of Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and is supported by the Fundació Clinic per a la Recerca Biomédica.

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona is a university tertiary hospital, founded on 1906 in Barcelona (Spain) It belongs to the Catalan Network of Public Hospitals (XHUP), and covers all medical and surgical specialties. The hospital is active not only in healthcare provision, but also in research, teaching and innovation, both directly and through affiliated companies (www.hospitalclinic.org).

Fundació Clinic per a la Recerca Biomédica (Biomedical Research Clinic Foundation) is the body that promotes and supports research at Hospital Clínic also enduring the transfer of knowledge into the market. (www.fundacioclinic.org).

Our company, Linkcare Health Services SL, was started for channelling to the market the knowledge and products developed in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, notably, but not limited to those in the area of chronic care aiming at improving the quality of life of patients and decreasing healthcare costs.

Current health care markets demand the containment of costs, while more patients are to be treated and the satisfaction of patients and professional must be guaranteed.

Linkcare Healthcare Services is in a privileged position to capitalize on this market opportunity and accelerate the delivery of connected health and wellness solutions. The company has already developed a portfolio of products and services, and has a strong pipeline with the potential to be at the forefront of healthcare delivery innovation by embracing the evolution of medicine and technology.